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Stand as a Private Entity, a Subject of the Commonwealth

Document below may assist travellers when travelling within the Commonwealth. No guarantees or assurances are given or implied. WAPOL are now refusing documents. If they refuse to take your document, ask them to check their body-cam is on, and read it to them. They will try and hand you a document, which I would decline, but they will put it in your vehicle against your wishes. I would put a diagonal line THROUGH their document and write No contract. No consent. across the document. This is NOT legal advice, you must choose your own path. It is only the opinion of one individual. How you choose to proceed should be based on your own research.

Commonwealth Travel (v130320228.08am)

Ideally, travellers should lodge the documents “Standing as a Subject of the Commonwealth” prior to using the above, but just reading them should assist people to Stand as Subjects of the Commonwealth.


An “officer” of the Western Australian Police (“if” they were found to be officers of the law under the Crown) has jurisdiction in “Western Australia”, no lawful jurisdiction in “South Australia”. No lawful authority.


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