Stand as a Subject of the Commonwealth

This is not legal advice but an example of a process used.
After sending the documents below you are then standing, and you should stand when engaging with any agents of the corporatised “government”, as a Subject of the Commonwealth, a private entity, not as the ALL CAPS entity attached to the living man or woman through the Birth Certificate and Drivers License the “person”. The ALL CAPS entity is bound by Private contract law, “Statutory Regulations, Acts” etc but waives all rights under true Common Law. By standing as a Subject of the Commonwealth, you stand with all rights reserved under Common Law.

NoticeToGovActorsPublicFullSet (780kb pdf file)

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When approached on the street (after you’ve sent Notices to “government” actors)
eg. When asked for your name, you should respond Josephine. Your name is Josephine.

Your “surname” is the name assigned through the Birth Certificate, a contract with the “government”. If you give “your name” as Josephine BLOGGS (Birth Certificate and drivers license “name”) you are standing as that sole corporate entity, not as the living man or living woman born from your mother.

You are Josephine, born of the family Bloggs – not “Josephine BLOGGS”, “J. BLOGGS”, but Josephine, born of the family Bloggs – AND – you are a Subject of the Commonwealth, a Private Entity (not the sole corporation entity created by the Birth Certificate which contracts you into the system of administration), not an “Australian Citizen”, nor a “person”. You are a living man or woman, an individual, all rights reserved, all benefits and privileges waived. That is, you reserve all of your human rights under Common Law and waive any “rights”, privileges, and penalties which are shackled to the sole corporate entity through Private Contract Law (thanks to the UNIDROIT agreement). A “license” or registration is a contract. With it comes privileges and penalties, according to the contract/s.



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