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Fb group archived, Telegram group paused, they'll have a lot of trouble trying to shut this baby down!
We stand with aussie truckers, we stand FOR AUSTRALIA.
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You'll have to register to post or comment.

Post by Jill » Sun Aug 29, 2021 7:36 am

Registrations are set to manual, so all new registrations will have to be manually approved (so spam registrations can be limited). Please be patient and we will get you in asap.

This forum is Public, but it can be made Private, or another Private forum can be created.

This forum is for:
- for expressing solidarity for our truckies on the frontline affected by the Covid19 mandates
- for supporting everyone’s right to choose, including medical freedom.
This forum is not:
- responsible for organising any action taken by the truckies
- associated with any person / group / event.
No fund raising links will be accepted UNLESS they can demonstrate ownership of the account and how it will be audited. Complete transparency will be required.

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