Actual bush management to prevent loss of life and habitats

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Actual bush management to prevent loss of life and habitats

Post by Jill » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:20 am

10-15 years ago, regular systematic hazard reduction burning was every season. Bush was managed to avoid loss of animal life, their habitats, properties and lives. Thanks to "Sustainable development", hazard reduction burning, proper fire breaks, common sense land management has been banned and restricted.
Now, after fuel loads have been building and building for 10plus years, the fires (that have been deliberately lit, accidental, or caused by lightning) produce extremely hot, catastrophic fires that cause horrific damage to life, property, habitats, natural vegetation. There is no "sustainable management" in neglect.

A great video demonstrating the huge benefits of cool off-season burning.

Watch it on YouTube
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