"Australian Government" vs the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia

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"Australian Government" vs the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia

Post by Jam » Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:25 pm

Information here largely copied from public facebook posts by Sue Maynes.

Folks – we have an election coming up in May. I have posted 2 links to Australian Government sites that confirm that the Australian Government is NOT the de jure Parliament we are supposed to vote for as per our Constitution.

I have asked the question – who are they?

Well, we now have the answer.

I refer you to this link – and in case it is removed, I have attached a pdf with a screen shot of the same link.

This – is who you are voting for. http://treasury.gov.au/…/documents-rela ... gistration

A privately owned American company. Not a privately owned company being registered IN America. But a privately owned American company.

[“Attached are documents released under a Freedom of Information request seeking access to all documents that confirm the following: registration with the SEC of the Australian Government(Commonwealth of Australia) as a privately owned American company, file number:333-163307 CIK:0000805157.”

Freedom of information document from the above page. 109pages FOI_2117_T198654.pdf ]

So it appears, what Whitlam & his helpers did was this:
1. in the Federal Executive Council, authorised the Governor-General Paul Hasluck to create a new department of the Government.
2. Named that new department the Australian Government
3. authorised that department to act as an administrative body
4. As administrator they began the individualisation of the government departments and responsibilities
5. Those departments were privatised, moving them from the authority of the Parliament into an administrative responsibility under the Australian Government.
6. At some time – yet to be determined – the Australian Government was privatised to a “privately owned American company”
7. In 1974, elections for the Commonwealth of Australia were adjourned sine die.
8. The 1974 elections were for the Australian Government, a department of the Executive responsible for administration and privatisation of the assets of the people of the Commonweatlh.
9. These elections are democratic elections – meaning the people have the voting authority but are not sovereign in the on-going actions of the Australian Government.
10. The Australian Government operates to action United Nations policy such as climate change and legal implementations in Admiralty law.

So folks, you now know that your vote for the Australian Government is
* not constitutional
* approves UN involvement in this country

YOU are being used folks. The UN / American / Australian Government operates purely with your voting approval.

I make this clear, written public statement:
I am a woman of the Original State of New South Wales, a State formed by the lawful establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia. I am a Commonwealth national by claim of inheritance and the lawful acceptance of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia as my standing in law.

I did not and do not give any permission to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, to enter my country into foreign administration.

I did not and do not give any permission to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia to support elections for a foreign administration to operate in my country.

I do not give any permission to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia to enact and or enforce foreign contracts over my commercial and personal actions.

Mr Whitlam was not given clear unequivocal authority to do what he did in forming a foreign structure of administration in our country. Consequently any and all actions in administrative governance since that date by any political body are actions of extrinsic and intrinsic fraud.

“The Commonwealth of Australia is a sovereign state. The Commonwealth of Australia has not agreed to waive any sovereign immunity or immunity from personal jurisdiction in respect to any action brought in the courts of the United States or elsewhere (Except the courts of competent jurisdiction in Australia)…………”

As a Commonwealth national, that is my protection and I claim it and stand on it.
Shove that in your pipe Australian Government!!!!

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