Challenge a Summons

Further to the travelling across and within the Commonwealth, some travellers were subsequently arrested under “suspicion of failing to obey a direction” or similar.
If you (or rather the legal fiction/drivers licence entity) have received a Summons to appear in a Court, received a message to contact an agent of WAPOL, or were contacted by phone to visit a WAPOL Station, you could use the 3 Notice process to hopefully have claims withdrawn, dropped. This method is untested on a Summons, no guarantees are given or implied.

This is not legal advice, please do your own research and decide your own path if you have been the recipient of a “Summons”.

The Summons is always addressed to the legal fiction, not the living man/woman, Subject of the Commonwealth.

Below is a document that can be used to challenge any claim against you, the living man/woman. This is a minimum of 3 document process, and all 3 documents must be sent by Registered Mail.

Do not attempt this process unless you understand the documents and are confident with the process, possible repercussions or implications.

First document – Notice of Conditional Acceptance + Fee Schedule
LetterDawsonSummonsPublic blank (pdf)
LetterDawsonSummonsPublicExample dummy details for reference (pdf)

All correspondence should be sent by Registered Mail. Take photos of the documents before sending. Complete pdf of the Notices to gov actors to Stand as a Subject of the Commonwealth here. It is STRONGLY recommended that these letters are sent, regardless if you have received a “Notice”/”fine”/”Summons”.

The document provided has details for the business Western Australian Police. Substitute the appropriate business details in your location by doing an ABN lookup.

Second document – Notice of Default (14-28 days after first Notice)
Coming soon

Third document – Letter of Estoppel (14-28 days after Notice of Default)
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