Fighting “covid” fines

This is not legal advice, please do your own research and decide your own path if you have been the recipient of a “Notice”.
This process was followed after receiving a “covid fine” from March 2020, subsequently, after sending the three letter process no further correspondence was received. Sending the letters does NOT guarantee “success”, but it would appear that if you serve the actors with a legal notice which confirms your standing in law, as a Subject of the Commonwealth, a Private Entity, then they have no business with you. No jurisdiction, no authority, but you must know your standing and maintain that position.
The individual has since been stopped for a RBT (assuming a “license” check was done by the operators), nothing raised at that time, and still no further issues or correspondence (in Jan 2022, that’s 9 months after last letter was sent).
A three letter process is required. A Notice of Conditional Acceptance, which they will fail to rebut, then send the Notice of Default and your Fee Schedule, followed by the Letter of Estoppel to finalise the matter. All correspondence should be sent by Registered Mail. Take photos of the documents before sending.

If you’ve received a “fine” (“Notice”) you need to send both sets of three letters (plus fee schedule). One set, Notice to the “government” actors, confirms your standing under the Crown, a Subject of the Commonwealth, and the other addresses the “Notice” directly – as a Subject of the Commonwealth, and that is sent to the Commissioner of Police in your State or Territory.

When approached on the street (after you’ve sent Notices to “government”)
eg. When asked for your name, you should respond Josephine. Your name is Josephine. Your “surname” is the name assigned through the Birth Certificate, a contract with the “government”. If you give “your name” as Josephine BLOGGS (Birth Certificate and drivers license “name”) you are standing as that sole corporate entity, not as the living man or living woman born from your mother. You are Josephine, born of the family Bloggs, not “Josephine BLOGGS”, “J. BLOGGS”, but Josephine born of the family Bloggs – AND – you are a Subject of the Commonwealth, a Private Entity (not the sole corporation entity created by the Birth Certificate which contracts you into the system of administration), not an “Australian Citizen”, nor a “person”. You are a living man or woman, an individual, all rights reserved, all benefits and privileges waived. That is, you reserve all of your human rights under Common Law and waive any “rights”, privileges, and penalties which are shackled to the sole corporate entity through Private Contract Law (thanks to the UNIDROIT agreement). A “license” or registration is a contract. With it comes privileges and penalties, according to the contract/s.

Notice to “government” actors

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The text of this Notice to gov can be copied from We are the 99 forum topic


Notice regarding a “covid fine”.

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The videos have been made so people can see formatting used.

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